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About Us

1st Year Apprentice
Rising Star Award 2021 
Declan Stewart 

Kai Hagberg is a master jeweller and designer with 45 years of professional experience and expertise to offer you.  

He works with all precious metals including silver, gold, platinum and a diverse range of gemstones. ​

Kai trained as a jeweller and engraver in Finland and gained experience in Switzerland before coming to Darwin in 1983 where he worked for the prestigious 'Diamond House'.

He established his first business in Cairns in 1985 later followed by a Studio and Gallery in Kuranda.


As an award-winning jeweller he has been designing and making his own unique style of jewellery since the late 70’s.

His jewellery has been exhibited and collected extensively.​


Kai has also immersed himself in various aspects of the arts, such as painting, sculpture and ceramics.

The diverse directions that Kai has explored has led to him being invited to exhibit his Art in Galleries across Australia.


​When we opened our doors in 2011 to the current studio at 'Azalea House' in Atherton (  we couldn’t even dream of what Azalea House Studio was destined to become. Each collection highlights our central values, enabling each customer to express their personal style and vision.

After over 45 years creating stunning pieces, Kai looks forward to exploring all directions of jewellery and design for many years to come and he is very excited to be teaching and sharing his skills, knowledge and experience with his apprentices.

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